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What is Gamma

Gamma Knife is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive neurosurgical technology that has redefined the landscape of brain tumour treatment. Unlike traditional surgical methods, Gamma Knife does not require any incision, providing a highly precise and targeted approach to address various neurological conditions.

The system utilises a multitude of highly focused gamma-ray beams to converge at a specific point within the brain. This convergence is exceptionally precise, allowing for the treatment of intricate brain conditions without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue.

Why Gamma Knife?

Gamma Knife is a proven technology and is considered the gold standard for brain tumour surgery. The integration of a high-field MR allows for real-time visualisation of tumour during radiation delivery, ensuring that treatment adjustments can be made instantly, based on the most up-to-date information.

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
Gamma Knife is adept at treating a wide array of neurological disorders, including:
  • Arteriovenous Malformations (AVM)
  • Tumours
    • Benign
      • Meningioma
      • Acoustic neuroma
      • Pituitary tumours
      • others
    • Malignant
      • Metastasis
      • Selected gliomas
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia and other Functional disorders like OCD
What are the Advantages of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery?

Gamma Knife procedures eliminate the need for general anaesthesia and avoid risks associated with open surgery, such as haemorrhage, infection, or cerebrospinal fluid leaks.

Increased Accuracy

With a precision of 0.15 mm, Gamma Knife is uniquely designed to reach deep-seated targets in the brain, cervical spine, head, and neck.

Reduced Side Effects

Unlike conventional radiation therapy, Gamma Knife treatment minimizes side effects like cognitive deficits, hair loss, nausea, and fatigue.

Versatile Treatment Options

Gamma Knife offers flexibility with different beam sizes and directions, enabling the targeting of multiple isocentres in a single session, a capability unmatched by other modalities.

Rapid Recovery

Patients undergoing Gamma Knife surgery experience a painless procedure that typically lasts only a few hours, allowing them to return home the same day and resume normal activities almost immediately.

Single Session

Gamma Knife procedures are always performed in a single session, eliminating the need for pre-procedural treatment planning.

Most Established Modality

With over 2,500 peer-reviewed papers and coverage in major neurological journals, Gamma Knife is widely recognised as the most established modality for treating brain, head, and neck conditions.

Dedicated Neurosurgical Tool

Gamma Knife stands out as the only system specifically designed for the treatment of conditions affecting the brain, head, and neck.

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery offers precise, non-invasive treatment options with minimal side effects, rapid recovery, and unparalleled versatility, making it a preferred choice for patients and clinicians alike.

How Gamma Knife Works?

The Gamma Knife Perfexion employs 192 Cobalt 60 sources to produce continuous high-energy gamma rays for treatment. These sources encircle the Gamma Knife Perfexion’ s centre-point, known as the isocentre, resembling a lampshade around a light bulb.

Fixed within eight movable plates called sectors, each with 24 sources, they align over corresponding beam channels during treatment, converging at the isocenter. The choice of beam diameter, 4mm, 8mm, or 16mm, depends on the target size at the isocenter.

Treatment beams pass through the patient's head, depositing minimal energy. Adjustments to the treatment couch ensure the treatment target coincides with the isocenter. By treatment end, every section of each target is positioned at the isocenter, where all beams converge.

Neurosurgeon Lars Leksell, the inventor, reportedly described the Gamma Knife as "so simple even a neurosurgeon can use it." Its straightforwardness ensures unmatched reliability in treatment delivery.

How do Gamma rays kill cancer cells?

As Cobalt-60 decays, it emits gamma and beta rays. While beta rays are rapidly absorbed, gamma rays travel through the body without severe damage, a process known as ionization.

Ionizing radiation disrupts cellular structures, hindering cancerous cell recovery by inducing an electron imbalance. Reduced ionization along the ray's path allows healthy cells to self-repair.

A potent dose of radiation is delivered only at the convergence point of the 192 gamma rays, known as the isocentre, due to its higher ionization rate compared to surrounding areas.

Effective in treating tumours

Acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannomas)

Brain metastases



Pituitary adenomas

Outcomes of
Gamma Knife Treatment
Unmatched Tumour Control

Gamma Knife can achieve unmatched tumour control and halts tumour growth effectively.

Safe and Accurate Treatment

Due to its high precision, Gamma Knife radiosurgery is a safe and accurate treatment option.

Improvement in Quality of Life

Personalised treatment plans enhance overall well-being, and result in improved quality of life.

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Fortis Hospital, Gurugram

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Gamma Knife at
Fortis Hospital, Gurugram

Fortis Hospital, Gurugram, proudly leads the way in neurosurgical innovation as the first facility in South Asia to introduce the latest Gamma Knife technology (Gamma Knife Esprit).

This cutting-edge advancement signifies a monumental leap in precision and effectiveness in treating various neurological conditions. This groundbreaking technology, coupled with a team of highly experienced neurosurgeons, ensures unparalleled care.

Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon

Frequently Asked Questions

Gamma Knife is highly versatile, addressing various conditions such as tumors, trigeminal neuralgia, and arteriovenous malformations.

While treatment duration varies, the actual radiation delivery is typically completed in a single session and takes few minutes.

Recovery is generally swift, with many patients resuming normal activities the next day.

Yes, Gamma Knife is a proven and gold standard technology with minimal side effects, owing to its precise targeting.

For multiple brain metastasis patients usually undergo whole brain radiation under conventional LINAC that can cause damage to normal brain tissues whereas, Gamma Knife is highly precise and hence, adjacent tissues remain safe. Also, multiple brain metastasis can be treated by Gamma Knife in a single session. Even in LINAC based radiosurgery it’s difficult to treat more than 4 metastasis.

Yes, Gamma Knife can be repeated multiple times either for the same tumor if required or for another metastasis which may come up later. Because of its precision, there is minimal radiation surrounding normal tissue and hence repeat treatments are not only possible but safe as compared to other technologies.

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